After born & brought up as a gentle girl (protagonist), ends up betrayed by the society. Decides to seek justice through a reality show. Becomes rebellious once finds out that the show is using her as a TRP commodity. What she does, the consequence and the emotions that unfold forms the rest of the story.


  Aruvi (2016) on IMDb 


  • Best Production Award at Ananda Vikatan Cinema Awards 2017
  • Best Film Award at Norway Tamil Film Festival 2018

About Cast & Crew

Writer Director: Arun Prabhu P, The Director has spent years extensively meeting and learning people and documenting their compelling stories. The contemporary issues of his homeland, discarded by the popular media but deserve attention.

Cast: Aditi Balan, Anjali Varathan, Lakshmi Gopalswamy, Mohammad Ali Baig, Kavitha Bharathi.

Music Director: Bindhu Malini & Vedanth Bharadwaj. The music is being scored by travelling street musicians, who practice philosophical story telling through music and their unique usage of acoustic sounds.

Producer: SR Prabhu, A Producer committed in recognizing and making films that represent Tamil cinema at the world film arena.

Cinematography: Shelly Calist, A documentary photographer with a unique visual language. The films visuals capture realistic Tamilnadu, its never before explored landscapes and human faces in a cinematic palette.

Casting was approached by finding real life characters that resemble the ones in the script, making the script flawlessly translate from page to screen. The crew has embraced gorilla filming techniques with Panasonic Gh4.




Arun Prabhu P


Aditi Balan, Anjali Varathan, Lakshmi Gopalswamy, Mohammad Ali Baig, Kavitha Bharathi


Music: Bindhu Malini & Vedanth Bharadwaj – Cinematography: Shelly Calist


Fiction (Eco-Social Drama)

Release Date

15 December 2017



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